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About #Suicide;StopIt NM

Welcome to #Suicide;StopIt New Mexico! Through a partnership with JR Romero & Associates and Klerede Multimedia, we are proud to announce a recent grant award from the State of New Mexico Department of Health - Office of Injury Prevention.


This project focuses on suicide prevention, the reduction of stigma, promoting

help-seeking behaviors, and offering hope and resiliency to New Mexicans!


About #Suicide;StopIt NM

Project Strategies Include:

• Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram)

• Webpage (Resources)

• Radio Advertisements (Targeting our Elders)

• Podcasts (Special Guests)

• Suicide Summit (May 16, 2023 in Las Vegas, NM)

• Daily Reels


Our Project Goals Include:

• Reduce the incidence of suicide

• Bring awareness through love, hope and compassion

• Reduce shame

• Create help seeking behaviors (it is ok to ask for help)

• Bridge a gap between our youth and elders


Please share this website with friends and family, and let’s spread the word!


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